Art Requirements

You may submit your own ad, or for a fee, Clint Publications will create one for you. Please submit ads in the following format:

ELECTRONIC FORMAT: Submission in electronic format must be on CD, DVD or E-Mailed. Art files should be saved as EPS, TIF or PDF. All fonts should be converted to outlines or provided with your art file, and the resolution at the desired ad size should be 300. Please send your artwork in the proper size to match your ad space.

COLOR GRAPHICS: Color art should be submitted in CMYK. Please keep in mind that computer screens are RGB and images are output as CMYK. Some color variation may occur due to the difference in screen image and printer output.

BLEEDS and TRIM SIZE: Art that bleeds off the edge of the page should be submitted with 1/4” of color past the cut line of the page. Words or art that must appear in the ad and should not be cut off, should remain 1/4” to the inside of the cut/edge of the page. Page size is 8.5 x 11.

PHOTOS: Digital photographs should be submitted at 300 resolution, and at the correct size for your ad space. Color photos that are submitted for black and white ads will be converted to grayscale for printing purposes.